#rsrh Does Dick Durbin LIKE tormenting kids?

I mean, it’s kind of cruel to lie and tell a bunch of foreign-born young people (illegal aliens, to be precise) that they, too could be President some day.

Because, well, they can’t.  They’re not native born citizens.  Which Dick knows; indeed, he probably has that portion of the Constitution freaking memorized by now, given how often his party has been screaming about the Dread Birther Menace since 2008. There’s really no excuse to get that wrong if you’re a sitting Senator, in other words. 

Anyway, couple that bit of psychological torture with Dick’s recent yeoman work in killing minority scholarships in DC at the behest of Big Labor, and you have to wonder whether… he kind of gets into showing young people who’s boss, IYKWIMAITTYD.

Moe Lane

PS: There is, by the way, absolutely no bravery involved in volunteering to be part of a powerful Senator’s visual display of his own perceived benevolence and philanthropy.  Those kids have no fear of deportation, and everybody involved knows it.  But I’m sure that the Honduran illegal who has just been told that three bucks an hour is generous pay for sixty hours’ work a week – and that they’re welcome to report their employer to the federales – will appreciate Dick’s gesture.  Or at least understand quite well what kind of gesture it actually is.

2 thoughts on “#rsrh Does Dick Durbin LIKE tormenting kids?”

  1. What makes you think an illegal couldn’t run for president? There’s a Constitutional requirement, but, to quote Algore, “no controlling legal authority”.

    (I’m not a birfer! I just want us to actually enforce the few requirements we have!)

  2. Actually, unless I’m much mstaken, illegal immigrants CAN “run” for President. They would simply be ineligible to serve in the unlikely event that they were elected. Neither major party would nominate someone who was demonstrably ineligible, after all…and although I can think of at least two non-native-born people who have been on a Presidential ticket, their parties were so minor that nobody really cared — because after all, how often DOES the Worker’s World candidate stand a chance?

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