#rsrh DSK case starting to resemble Law & Order episode.

We’re now at the point in the second half of the episode where the Case Is About To Collapse because of the Sudden Revelations About The Chief Defense Witness, and then Somebody Brings Up The Detail From The First Half Of The Episode That Nobody Followed Up At The Time*.  Next up: Sam Waterson Makes A Quiet, Yet Pent-Up Angry Closing Speech Which May Or May Not Work.

Moe Lane

*I drove for five hours today, and I’m tired; I’m sure that you’re familiar with both Law & Order; and the DSK rape accusation case, anyway.  If not, ask me to explain all of this after I’ve had a full night’s sleep.

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  • mriggio says:

    Law & Order (anywhere)-the perfect example of formula script writing. OTOH, I’m suddenly enjoying L&O Great Britain or something because their Miranda warning is more muddled than ours & I have to listen VERY closely since they speak British English, not American; almost a foreign tongue today. Cops w/o guns & barristers in robes & wigs, what fun!

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