#rsrh This pious back-patting post about DSK…

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…by Peter Beinart – short version: the prosecutors are going to get blamed for any collapse in the case, despite the fact that they acted without regard to the social status of the accused, in good faith, and were open and forthcoming about details in the case, including the negative ones.  All of which is true, by the way: but it’s a damned shame that Beinart can admit the truth of that, and not admit that pretty much the same can be truthfully said about the US military with regard to Abu Ghraib*(H/T: Instapundit).  The difference is, of course, that spittle-flecked antiwar hatemongers like Beinart absolutely hate any suggestion that they should be denied their Special Time when it comes to duly designated Hate Objects.  The US military counts; apparently, former IMF heads don’t.

Of course, I may be too harsh on the fellow.  Based on Beinart’s prior musings on Abu Ghraib, it simply may be that he has structural problems in his brain that make the irony imperceptible to him**.

Moe Lane

*I do not particularly expect the antiwar Left to concede that, of course; but I do expect them to admit objective reality in this case, which was that the military had already shut down the abuses AND reported on them by the time that the reporters started their ‘scoop.’  Well, perhaps not ‘expect’ in that case, either.  But I’m not required to take into account the needs of one-handed typists, so I shan’t.

**The New Republic used to be at least readable.  That was before Beinart shoved a sword through its guts a few times because he couldn’t handle the thought that George W Bush was a better human being than he was.

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  • Murgatroyd says:

    Please go easy on Mr. Beinart. Rectocranial impaction takes years to cure even when the patient is cooperative.

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