7.4% unemployment!

Wow.  7.4 percent unemployment.  I remember those far-off days* when seeing that number would have made me wince and worry; now I whistle at how well the economy’s doing.  7.4 unemployment, these days?  That’s great!

A shame that it’s also Canada.

Canada added more jobs than economists forecast in June, led by part-time staff and transportation workers, keeping the country’s unemployment rate at a 2-1/2 year low.

Employment rose by 28,400, Statistics Canada said today in Ottawa, exceeding the 15,000 median estimate in a Bloomberg News economist survey. The jobless rate was unchanged at 7.4 percent, the lowest since January 2009.

Note that the Canadians never got above 8.7% unemployment, either.  Then again, they also didn’t have the American Democratic party do a stimulus program for them.

Moe Lane

PS: Job report out at 8:30 AM.  Word is, higher than expected job growth, economy/unemployment still stagnant.  Personally, I’m hoping that it’s better than that, and that the announced remarks from the President later this morning aren’t just more bravado on his part.

PPS: This… is bad. 18K jobs added, 9.2 unemployment, the White House is scheduled to quietly panic later today.

*May 2009, to precise.

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