So THAT’S why polar bears are grumpy.

Obvious, really:

Polar bear origins: Polar bears have Irish ancestry, suggests DNA study

No whiskey in the Arctic Circle.

Moe Lane

PS: …Hey, I’m 15/16th Boston Irish Catholic, buddy.  I’m allowed to make stereotypical jokes about drunken Irishmen. :shrug: Besides, it’s God’s own truth that the Irish do get cranky without their whiskey.  And beer.  And… well, what do you have handy, anyway?


  • markc says:

    Isn’t there an aphorism on that topic, something along the lines of ‘God created whiskey so the Irish wouldn’t rule the world’

  • Certainly explains me hating summer more than any member of the O’Malley clan that’s ever crossed me path.


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