#rsrh I slightly disagree with Jimmie Bise…

on his two rules of social media (via Instapundit) you can in fact be a jerk.  I am quite often a jerk, for example – and by most reasonable standards I’ve done quite well out of the political blogosphere*.  What I’ve done is merely ensure that my jerkiness is directed towards my political enemies, which I have picked out with some care and attention**.  Outside of that circle, I am downright easygoing.

So I guess I think that the second rule should be “Don’t be an unreliable jerk;” the first rule (“Be useful”) I have no problem with.

Moe Lane

*There will be those who will suggest, snidely, that I am not. While I enjoy their jealous anger, it must be admitted that I enjoy it more when I can couple it with having my geek addiction subsidized:

Alternatively, you can donate to Soldier’s Angels and note it in comments here. They can always use the money.

**The technical term for this is, of course, ‘partisan hack.’  It always amazes me that people seem to think that this is a job that one has to be ashamed of; after all, it’s indoor work with no physical labor, and it’s not like I kick puppies or anything.

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