#rsrh Ah, Monday’s nigh-Apocalypse Watch.

The President can’t get it through his thick head that people out there simply DO NOT WANT the government to get to turn even more money into policy excrement, the media (well, Gawker) is trying to out CIA agents involved in excising Osama bin Laden, and the Democratic party continues to get away with eliminating the African-American middle class*.

I wish I had a prior save point.

Moe Lane

*Please note, for the record, that the demographic most likely to complain about that statement will be: white, hardcore progressive bloggers who routinely avoid any and all unscripted contact with actual African-Americans.  You know, the sort of people who can effortlessly punctuate an unsolicited lecture about the need for tolerance with an instinctive reach over to lock their car doors at the first sight of a random African-American male.  At least, that’s what they did before the advent of power locks; presumably they now just hit the car dashboard and just never stop talking.

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