#rsrh I got two comments on this neo-Fascist paean…

…that Esquire put out about the President, and how he’s so dreamy.  Well, three: the first is that I don’t actively blame President Obama for people writing embarrassingly man-crush-tastic pieces about him, I still judge the guy for encouraging the practice.  Seriously, dude: you’re the President of the United States. You don’t need other people to keep defining your inner value for you, you know what I mean?

Anyway, the other two points:

  1. If you read that piece and started going, God help our educational system, breathe easier: this author is Canada’s problem, not ours.
  2. I felt that the photo to the article lacked something:

There.  Fixed.

Moe Lane



  • Rob Crawford says:

    The left does not have politicians, they have gods.

  • Brad S says:

    Apparently, you haven’t met some of the more…er…overeager fans of Sarah Palin.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    No comparison, Brad. No one has said Palin will halt the rise of the oceans, heal the planet, bring about world peace, and cure yaws. There’s no school of photography studying how to get the PERFECT halo around Palin’s head.

    Yeah, her fans get sometimes obnoxiously defensive. But I don’t think there’s a comparison possible.

  • DaveP. says:

    Don’t remember any followers of La Palin making a top-dollar Hollywood video about how eager tehy were to “follow” and “obey” her. That was all Democrats, Brad.

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