#rsrh The question no Democrat dares answer today.

They simply cannot answer this simple, straightforward, almost stripped-down question:

Is the President really willing to risk the U.S. defaulting on its debt just to avoid having to vote again on a bill before the Presidential election?

…Because there is no good answer to it. If the answer is ‘no,’ then the President will be imitating Governor Mark Dayton on Minnesota and accepting the extremely reasonable and fiscally sensible requirements of Congressional Republicans*.  If the answer is ‘yes,’ then the President needs to explain why he’s treating the situation as if it’s the modern-day equivalent of the Alvarez Event.

Hence the ducking of the question.  The cowards.

Moe Lane


*We can not afford to keep spending like this.  It’s at times like this that I am struck by the coincidence that the mascot of the Democratic party is a jackass, because it reminds me of the hoary old chestnut that the first step in training a mule is to get the mule’s attention – and it’s just as difficult to do as the joke suggests that it would be, apparently.

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