It’s… weird… to see your name…

…being used by SEO sites.  Not to mention annoying, when you’re ego-googling* yourself.

Yes, yes, world’s smallest violin:


Poor, Poor Pitiful Me, Vitamin String Quartet

No, I didn’t know this existed either.  Isn’t it cool, the way that the universe still persists in giving us neat new stuff?

Moe Lane

*That’s the problem with hate mail: you end up wanting more.


  • Catseye says:

    Nice, but you do know what the moral of this story is, don’t you? But still I always liked Warren and never held his beliefs against him and it’s a good song. I do miss the guy.

  • Beej says:

    Now look what you’ve done. I’ll have that song in my browser playing all day. Not because I’m having a pity party today but just because I like the sound of it and every now and then I hear a song and obsess over it for days.

    No wonder you only have the 3 readers. Snort.

    (Just playin’ wid ya, ya know.)

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