#rsrh Aww, Ed Kilgore’s all *worried* about us…

and [expletive deleted].

I wanted to quote something from it, but this has to be one of the whiniest whines from what has become one of the whiniest whining magazines on the Whining Left (yeah, repeat that word enough times and it looks weird to me, too).  The gist?

  • Just wait!  Whichever person beats Obama next year...

[Yup, that means that Ed Kilgore thinks that Obama’s going to lose.  Oops.]

  • is gonna be sorry that the Republicans were all so mean to the Democrats this year!  Even if the Republicans control Congress…

[Yup, that means that Kilgore thinks that there’s a darn good chance that we’re going to flip the Senate and retake the White House.  Oops.]

  • The Democrats are gonna get even!

[Yup, that was Kilgore very helpfully allowing me to claim, fifteen months before the election, that any claim by the Democrats that they’re going to act in a nonpartisan manner is so much bull excrement.  Oops.  – And thanks!]

  • …and you’re gonna regret ever listening to your base, ya, you betcha!

[…OK, that last one is implied: Kilgore was reeaaaalllllly careful not to mention that all of the policy positions that horrified him so would have been demanded by the Republican base – or, come to think of it, by the American people in general; after all, in this scenario the Republican candidate won on said policy positions. So, no ‘Oops.’  Just a snicker.]


  • So neener neener neener!



The depressing thing in all of this is, of course, that despite its recent trivialization and degradation at the hands of the antiwar movement The New Republic is still probably one of the most sensible mouthpieces for the Left out there.  Which means that this may represent the high-water mark of mature Democratic commentary for the next few years.

God help us all.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane


  • Catseye says:

    Implicit in his article is the assumption that enough to democrats will still be in office that they and their party will matter. After looking at the results of the state elections in 2010 I have my doubts about that assumption.

  • Don says:

    Projection isn’t the only way to show a movie, but it’s still popular.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    So he’s saying they’ll be just like they have been for the last 11 years?

  • qixlqatl says:

    Moe, was the asterisk in this quote: “…the policy positions that horrified him so would have been demanded* by the Republican base…”: to indicate a footnote (which would be missing, if that is the case) or emphasis?

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