#rsrh Elizabeth Warren nomination FINALLY scuppered? #p2

Such a tragedy, if true.

President Barack Obama has chosen a candidate other than Elizabeth Warren as director of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, according to a person briefed on the matter.

The president’s choice is a person who already works at the consumer agency, the person said yesterday. Obama may make the nomination as soon as next week, another person briefed on the administration’s plans said.

Not least because Elizabeth Warren’s ascension to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was seriously touted as being a game changer in the 2010 election; seeing her nomination first get questioned, then get nibbled to death by ducks, was no doubt traumatic, to some.  Her final rejection by a Democratic-controlled Senate that’s unwilling to fight for her should cause some entertaining meltdowns, no?

Via Hot Air, which notes that this isn’t confirmed yet.  Mind you, after one of Rep. Issa’s patented on-the-griddle sessions it’s not really all that surprising that she might be ready to cut and run herself…

Moe Lane


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