Shorter Jake Tapper: DAG Jim Cole is [expletive deleted].

Oh, my.

Q: When I first heard about the information sharing issues, my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

MELSON: Well, so did mine.

Q: I’m curious when you communicated that to the DAG, did his eyes pop out of his head, did he think this was a big problem.

MELSON: I can’t tell you what he thought or how he thought.  But he simply said, “We will have to look into it.”

Oh my, oh my, oh my.

Moe Lane

PS… Yeah, that’s a little obscure, huh?  Sorry: there’s some stuff going on.  Real quick: Melson is the guy formerly designated to be the fall guy on the DoJ’s Fast & Furious coverup; that exchange is probably the basis for the report that Deputy AG Jim Cole was briefed on F&F; and Cole is probably going to be the next guy designated to be the fall guy on F&F.

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  1. @qixlqatl – It might reach higher than you think. Most of the people in that chain are more interested in advancing themselves/saving their own hide than in advancing the administration’s agenda. And in this case, there are likely to be much more serious consequences than a lost job and a cushy lobbying job. On top of the Congressional investiations, Mexico is pushing for extradition. /evilgrin

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