You know, this goram heat wave…

…can stop any time now.

I am almost awesomely cranky this morning.  Not to mention trapped in a house with two small children who do not understand the implications of ‘heat index value of 118 degrees.’


  • matt says:

    I could recomend a good cocktail to help you cool off. Won’t help with the kids though.

  • Brian Swisher says:

    If you could ship some of the heat to the Pacific Northwest, that would be great…here in Portland, we’ve had barely a week’s worth of days where the temp cracked 80, and this has been the wettest, gloomiest July I’ve seen since I got here in ’98…

  • Wombat-socho says:

    You need to take the kids outside and hose them down. That’ll keep them from whining about the heat. :V

  • Christine says:

    The problem with the suggestion to hose down the kids is that you must go OUTSIDE IN THE HEAT to do so. Heat index is 102 here…no thanks!!

  • Skip says:

    See if you can tempt Al Gore to fly in on a private jet to talk about global warming – snowstorm will be imminent. Works every time.

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