’s Kurt Loder loved Captain America.

Which is as it should be: it was a fun film.

But check out the comments: it says something that the conversation quickly mutated/evolved/devolved/whatever into a fierce discussion on whether smuggling your own popcorn into the theater represents an affirmation of libertarian principles, or else a vicious attack on same…

No, wait, that’s just the Internet in general.  Never mind.

4 thoughts on “’s Kurt Loder loved Captain America.”

  1. You want to see a vicious fight, go to a Disney World forum and ask about reusing refillable mugs, or ask about the new “chipped” mugs.

  2. For my part, I’m amazed that anyone could defend a violation of the terms on which one was admitted to another’s private property as an affirmation of libertarianism. It’s just being a dick. You consider the price points unreasonably high, perhaps even immoral? Don’t pay. You don’t like that? Stay out. Problem solved.

  3. Ah, Hit & Run. Even when the posts are dull, the commenters are invariably a hoot and a half.

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