Well, stop blowing sh*t up, then.

(Via Hot Air) Rick Moran and I aren’t precisely on each other’s Christmas Card lists, but he raises an excellent point here: after the tenth or fifteenth time that radical Islamist terrorist scum bomb/murder/attack civilian targets, you start seeing patterns in the data.  Of course I assumed that the Norwegian attacks probably had something to do with that Mullah Krekar guy: terrorist connections, deportation proceedings, recently charged with making death threats – yeah, gee, that was a stretch.  As for apologies… heh.  I don’t give a tinker’s dam about the tender sensibilities of Islamist terrorists; I never blamed ordinary, decent Muslims for this in the first place; and I have always been notably indifferent about whether the Apologist Left is happy at my reaction towards homophobic, sexist, genocidal, anti-democratic, anti-secular, anti-Semitic, violent terrorist scumbags*.

I had more, but it was mostly just a tedious reinforcement of the main point.

Moe Lane

*You know: scumbags like Hamas, which is running the Gaza strip these days.  How’s that relief flotilla thing that the Left’s putting together for them doing?

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