#rsrh David Wu (D, OR) resigns over sex scandal.

I guess somebody explained to him that ‘having a sexual encounter’ with the daughter of a campaign contributor – particular one one-third your age – doesn’t get magically better when you explain that the whole thing was consensual.  Whatever she might or might not be saying about the matter.  Anyway, Wu’s on his way out the door: slowly but surely, the Democratic establishment is learning that leaving a Charlie Rangel or a Pete Stark or a Jim Moran or a …Sheila Jackson Lee** in place does their party no favors.

Anyway, at this rate I am never going to get to put together a list of Democrats I Plan To Help Remove in 2012*: the best candidates keep petulantly quitting before I can compile one.

Moe Lane

*Seven out of ten in 2010, actually – and Russ Carnahan is a redistricting zombie, so he’s not going to be around for much longer anyway.  Besides, that list doesn’t even include Bob Etheridge and Phil Hare,  both of whom informally got on the list later.

**I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP: I blanked on the name for some bizarre reason (I must be getting old), so I did a Google search for ‘dumbest woman in congress.’  Guess what? First entry: entertainingly, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was the second.  Which is not entirely true; she’s just one of their best sneering duckspeakers.

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  1. ROTFL, Moe. “Google search for the ‘dumbest woman in congress’. If laughter is the best medicine, I expect you just added about a year to my life expectancy! 🙂

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