#rsrh Steny Hoyer thinks we want to shoot the President.

Well, he thinks that House Republicans do:

You know, I still haven’t figured out why it’s only OK for Democratic politicians to use violence-themed metaphors whenever they feel like it.  Actually, that’s a lie: I know quite well.  It’s because they never get punished for it.

Ach, well, it also makes them stupid as well as vile, bless their hearts.

(Via Hot Air Headlines)

Moe Lane

PS: Steny Hoyer was the last Democrat that I ever voted for.  I apologize for my lapse of judgement in that regard, and I promise not to make that particular mistake in the future.

4 thoughts on “#rsrh Steny Hoyer thinks we want to shoot the President.”

  1. It’s funny how, when I used to hear him on Ron Smith’s show, prior to his advancement in leadership, he seemed pretty reasonable (for a Dem). Now, my contempt for him is only exceeded by the feelings I have for Pelosi.

  2. Well, David Wu was the last Democrat I voted for (back in 2000, when he seemed like a reasonable human being), so Fate may intervene in your case as well…

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