#rsrh …or, I could dip into the Strategic Bacon Reserve.

It is downright amazing how the universe improves once you are outside several pieces of bacon.

Speaking of a pork product currently being fried to a crisp in its own grease, Gallup’s reporting a 40% approval rating for President Obama.  It would seem that Peggy Noonan’s right*: nobody particularly loves the guy these days.

Moe Lane

*On that, at least.


  • I think Peggy has in mind that nobody ELSE loves the guy. She is, I’m sure, still smitten.

  • BigGator5 says:

    You know, taking a little bacon out of the Strategic Bacon Reserve (SBR) to “feel good” is short-sighted and only a tempory fix. It was created only in case vegetarians won. Sure you feel better now, but in a few short hours you will be right back where you were. And you will only have to buy the bacon back at higher prices.

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