The Amazon Kindle is startlingly easy to replace.

Yes, it was that kind of weekend – but the Kindle people were actually pretty matter-of-fact about the whole thing: “Holding down the button didn’t work, huh?  OK, we’ll mail you a new one: figure you’ll get it Wednesday.  Send us the old one within thirty days of you getting the new one and it’s all good.”

I figured that I was going to have to give them an argument… but then, I and the rest of the e-reader demographic are kind of a cash cow to these people, aren’t we? – Not that I mind being actually treated as a cash cow, which is a bit of a refreshing change when it comes to e-commerce.

6 thoughts on “The Amazon Kindle is startlingly easy to replace.”

  1. I remember reading some very persuasive articles that made the case that the Kindle price will eventually be $0 (or near enough) because the money is in the “books.”

  2. Moe, the actual device is treated as a loss leader by Amazon themselves. It’s profitable, but not the whole reason for the entire enterprise. It’s the eBooks that they’re selling that’s the money maker.

    1. Makes sense: I use the Kindle honestly more often than I expected to. I’ve switched over a lot of my buy-on-a-whim purchases to it.

  3. The whole point of a cash cow is to take good care of it so it stays around to keep getting milked.

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