#rsrh Mostly-good article by Charles Lane…

…(no relation) on the vicious attempts by Democrats to smear Tea Partiers as ‘terrorists.’ Note that Charles Lane does not actually agree with the Tea Party, but manages to tell the difference between them and, say, people who try to murder civilians with nail bombs and rat poison; something that the Left seems to be having (deliberate) trouble with these days.  However, there’s this howler:

…[liberals] are surely correct to condemn such ugly rhetorical excesses as the Obama-is-Hitler placards that flowered across the land in the summer of 2009.

Indeed.  LaRouche Democrats were unwelcome interlopers in the Tea Party movement…

which didn’t stop the media from equating them with the Right then, and apparently hasn’t stopped folks from being sloppy now.

But I quibble, I’m sure.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “#rsrh Mostly-good article by Charles Lane…”

  1. You didn’t quibble. You used facts. Which are even more unwelcome than interlopers.

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