#rsrh WI unions begin to discover market forces.

And it’s not a moment too soon.  The Wisconsin State Journal tries to put a nice face on the situation – possibly out of pity – but the basic message of this article on WI public sector unions adjusting to the end of automatic dues collection is pretty clear: a significant proportion of public sector union members don’t consider membership worth the price.  The only numbers of retained dues-payers that the article could get on the record were from two local ones, and those numbers are 50% to 70%; as Legal Insurrection helpfully points out, that works out to a dropout rate of between 30% and 50% percent.  And who here thinks that, if the unions had a 90% dues retention rate, that they wouldn’t be bragging about that?

I’ll just end by noting this: I don’t really know how next week’s recall elections are going to go – at least, not with 100% certainty.  But it’s just not feeling like DOOM is onrushing for the Wisconsin GOP…

2 thoughts on “#rsrh WI unions begin to discover market forces.”

  1. also, if I understand things correctly, recall elections take place now (with current districts) but then everyone gets to run at the next opportunity (in the newly drawn districts), which are likely to have been drawn, well, consistent with one side’s interests….

  2. Irresistable Force (motivated self-interest, aka the love of liberty) blows away the Immovable Object (institutionalized left-wing corruption and power).

    From a physics standpoint, it’s not even a debate.

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