#rsrh Nixon Nostalgia at the New York Times.

Bless their hearts, I hadn’t realized that things were this bad for the American Left: the Old Grey Lady is hardcore rewriting ol’ Tricky Dick into FDR 2.0, all for the benefit of its readership’s nerves and digestion*.  I look forward them doing this in twenty years to… no, not George W Bush; that rehabilitation is already underway.  No, I’m thinking of whoever beats Obama next year.  That man or woman will spend the next four to eight years being blamed for everything in a spectacularly over-the-top fashion**, which will make it all the more fun when the Left has to climb down again afterward.

Like they’re doing with Nixon right now.

Moe Lane

*Although Kurt Andersen should not be allowed at least one bit of historical revisionism (there’s more, but I haven’t had my coffee yet): Nixon never intended to “let the Communists win in Vietnam.”  His goal there was a draw, given the way that the Democratic party had comprehensively screwed up actually winning that particular war all throughout the 1960s – and how viciously determined the antiwar movement was to throw all those non-white South Vietnamese onto the pyre.  And, absent Watergate, Nixon probably would have managed it.  Which, judging from South Korea’s example, means that if Nixon had managed it then there’d be one more free country on the planet.

Since the subject came up, and everything.

**How over the top?  Put it this way: when we finally initiate First Contact with an alien civilization, we’re going to discover that they had picked up our electromagnetic broadcasts of the 2012 election cycle.  And that said civilization then went and created their equivalent of SETI solely for the purpose of calling us up and saying “Dude.”

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