#rsrh Thought of the Day, Interfaces edition.

  • On the Left: Groups like exist to be the Democratic party’s tools for attempting to manipulate the American people.
  • On the Right: Groups like the Tea Party exist to be the American people’s tools for attempting to manipulate the GOP.

That’s it.  Just thought I’d share.


  • Finrod says:

    Kind of similar in a way to a cartoon I saw that very succinctly explained the difference between our troops and al Qaeda. It showed a US soldier shielding a civilian in a firefight with an al Qaeda member hiding behind a civilian.

  • Skip says:

    True enough, except most of the fools in the membership base of moveon, etc., actually think they’re doing what the tea party does, and get whiny when it’s pointed out that they’re not. They need a few scalps though, and Leiberman a few years back does not count.

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