“Hotel California.”


Hotel California, Eagles


You realize that this song is about vampires, right?  Just about everybody in the SF/Horror community is pretty much in agreement that this song is about vampires.

5 thoughts on ““Hotel California.””

  1. They can think that all they like. To me, it’s about a guy who dies after falling asleep at the wheel and he’s in purgatory.

  2. I just listened to this song not five minutes ago. Now I’ll have to listen again.

    (By the by: Purgatory, Hell, California… six of one, half dozen of the other.)

  3. As a former California resident and someone who has spent quality time in the Mojave, I’ll agree with weyoun42.

  4. Heroin. Which, thankfully, I managed to bypass in my wilder days.

    Unless I’m missing the joke, in which case “Oh yeah, definitely vampires.”

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