#rsrh Jay Carney and the Age of Scrutiny.

Via Yid With Lid (via AoSHQ Headlines), permit me to sum up Jay Carney’s… evolving… narrative:

  • 2001’s Jay Carney, Times reporter: Man, that George W Bush is such a big poopyhead for pretending to work when he’s really just taking a vacation.  And, oh, yeah: he’s pro-business and anti-environmental.  Isn’t that just awful?
  • 2011’s Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary and Daily Chew Toy: Man, that Barack Obama really needs his vacation – besides, everybody knows that the job follows the President everywhere he goes.  That’s why he can keep that laser-like focus on the economy and jobs – he’s pro-business, you know – even at Martha’s Vinyard…

Am I being cruel?  Well, yes, but it doesn’t really count with White House Press Secretaries.  Their job is to go up onto the podium every day and see whether the media will run out of throwing knives before the press secretaries run out of hemoglobin.  This administration typically doesn’t assign people to the job that they would actually mind losing, so why should I show any more consideration?

Besides, Carney was the guy who liked to make comments about politicians who do great speeches, but can’t follow through – and, shockingly, he was not talking about his boss, who is pretty much the Platonic Ideal of that concept.


So to heck with that guy.  He made his bed, he did.



  • Don says:

    I always thought that the whole “experience” argument would blow up in their faces on election night, but the spell was just too strong. I have a dollar that says anyone who brings up “experience” in 2012 will be told that experience isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be…..with a straight face.

  • jetty says:

    @Don – They are more blatantly hypocritical than that. You remember how the Left attacked the VP candidate for lack of experience in 2008?

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