#rsrh On the road: A good omen.

They’re selling these at Reagan International, now.

[Gonna have to wait until I can get to my other computer, sorry.]

Sorry if the picture is too big, by the way: had to take it using the iPad.

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  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    Don’t see a picture!

  • Beej says:

    …but it’s totally not too big

  • Beej says:

    whatever it is….

  • jocon307 says:

    Finally, the pic. I’d buy one of those, no wait, maybe I wouldn’t. Let’s face it W didn’t help none with the deficit and all that stuff.

    Oh well, it’s been about three or four brand new days since Bush was inaugurated.

    Remember that golden time? When all the beautiful bubbles were fully inflated?

    Bush was going to be the education president, the compassionate conservative, and he did get that stuff done, for better or worse. (Personal opinion, NCLB, crap, but the drug benefit, probably good, and seemingly well executed, in practice, not passage).

    Then, 9/11, WOT, Iraq, condemnation of Bush reaches epic heights as The Left realizes a Republican is popular, Abu Graib, Gitmo, etc. as The Left realizes war against people who want to kill us is popular.

    Then, the bubbles pop.

    Then, OBAMA!

    Then, now.

    What a freaking mess.

    Bottom line, yeah, we miss you W. Because you loved America.

  • Is that the Perry campaign slogan?

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