#rsrh I don’t think that there’s a meaningful answer, @allahpundit .

To this, I mean:

As we get closer to the election, Democrats will wield that talking point more and more brazenly in an any-weapon-to-hand approach to victory. In fact, Jonathan Last‘s already wondering how long it’ll be after Perry takes the lead in national polls before the left decides that George W. Bush, a.k.a. the new Hitler, was a genteel chap compared to this new Texan hybrid of Hitler, Bin Laden, and Yosemite Sam. Over/under: Six weeks.

After all, the stories are already written, the talking head segments have already been scripted, and the hysteria is already blocked out and choreographed.  Everything’s already in place: we’re just waiting for events to give the Left something, anything, that might be construed as an excuse.  This probably won’t be it, if for no other reason than because the Democrats probably doesn’t want the thought getting out that Texans might treat Ben Bernanke ‘fairly ugly’ if Bernanke corrupts the money supply: far too many people might discover that they’d want to hold the Texans’ coats.

Politics and sausage, folks.  Politics and sausage.

Moe Lane

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