#rsrh I welcome @janehamsher to the Obama WH Enemies’ List.

It’s quite the honor; I’m not entirely sure that RedState has been singled out by name ourselves, in fact.  But we’re on the list, too – particularly after last weekend – and I think that Jane will find that being on it is… liberating.  At least it is for us Right-Wing Death Beast Christianist fascist Republikkkan wingnuts; I imagine that it’s even more so for liberal moonbats like Jane and the rest of those left-deviationists over at FDL.

I think that she’s letting Obama off too easily, though.  Seriously: if this administration doesn’t hate and fear (generic) your blog with the passion of a million burning suns then (generic) you’re not doing it right.

Via The Other McCain.

Moe Lane

PS: Actually, no, I’m not being sarcastic.  I mean, yeah, there’s not a chance in hell that there will ever be peace between her faction and mine.  But Jane’s clearly gotten under OfA’s collective skin here, and I am allowing myself to appreciate the aesthetics of it all.

PPS: My wife suggests that I actually add something actually complementary, in addition to the mere ‘watch them eat their own.’  Point taken: FDL does in fact go after this administration for violating FDL’s standards of acceptable behavior.  That is respectable.

4 thoughts on “#rsrh I welcome @janehamsher to the Obama WH Enemies’ List.”

  1. Disagreeing with both the above commenters. In contrast to DKos and (worse) Democratic Underground, FDL occasionally posts things that were clearly written by adults. Misinformed, confused adults, granted, but adults nonetheless. Also, as Moe noted, Hamsher is honest enough to tee off on 0bama when he’s clearly lying his ass off, which is not often seen on the Left.

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