[UPDATE]: It turns out that the word was ‘waste,’ not ‘rich.’ At least, it sounded that way after listening to it a half dozen times with the volume up.  I therefore retract the sneer, with apologies for my now-unsourced suggestion of diminished mental capacity of Senator Lautenberg.

Original Title: Frank Lautenberg (D, NJ) is 87 years old.

It is frankly beginning to show.

“Eliminate the rich.” The ironic bit?  This was totally an own-goal: the original question was about using drug seizure revenue to fund the government.  Which is a potentially problematical situation in and of itself… but at least it doesn’t touch on the politically tricky subject of whether its a good idea to systematically eliminate the economic class that’s currently expected to make bricks without straw* jobs without a stable economic environment.

Via @Markimpomeni.

Moe Lane

*I would apologize for slipping a Biblical reference in there, except that if you’re the sort that has the vapors over that kind of thing then the last week or so has probably sent you into a coma anyway.

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  • Rob Crawford says:

    I have a hard time seeing how our current mess ends cleanly. This type of “gaffe” doesn’t comfort me.

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