#rsrh Pete DeFazio (D, OR) earns a primary defeat…

…at least, he would have if DeFazio had been a Republican saying this about a Republican President:

[DeFazio] added: “One guy asked me… give me 25 words what [Obama’s] about and what he’s done for me. I’m like… ‘it could have been worse?”

But DeFazio is a Democrat, so he’s probably safe (at least, in the primary): the Left will either be too scared or too incompetent to replace him in a primary.  Then they’ll turn around and give DeFazio money, because that’s what the Democratic base does.

Hey, if they won’t even respect themselves then don’t ask me to respect them, either.  It’s not my fault that they’re that way.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

PS: Also, Oregon is apparently in play.  Umm… thanks?

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