The funniest non-political* thing…

…I’ve read all day: “And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles.”

Dude.  If your SO wants towels, let her have the damn towels.  If for no other reason than the oldest set of towels then automatically become available for projects that would otherwise would be off limits for ‘good’ towels.

Via @stoo11.

Moe Lane

*I’d tell you the funniest (inadvertently) political thing – but if you know RedState and Twitter at all then you’ve probably already guessed.


  • A Z R says:

    I dont know if ‘ All this chicken belongs to us’ is an intentional reference, but if it was, me gusto.

  • Jeff Niles says:

    Ahh… I have been married for about that length of time. I also learned long ago that the husband ALWAYS gets the last word in any argument… as long as the last word is “dear”.

    Preceded by “Yes”.

    Behold, my brethren, the secret to a happy marriage!

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