Oh, look. The Hunter: The Reckoning movie.

No… no, not really: it’s the new Underworld flick. Hunter: The Reckoning is just what they’re (allegedly) ripping off this go-round.


Although maybe that’s going to be a Hunter/Technocracy rip-off*.

Look, I may or may not have said some unkind things about White Wolf’s various Noun: The Gerund RPGs series in the past, but the truth is that I still have about a shelf and a half of their books – and having watched some of the Underworld flicks I am forced to admit that I muttered Man, but they ripped off the WoD something fierce in these at various points of the films.  In other words, I probably have a slightly more jaundiced view about who’s being ripped off here than, say, Tycho did back in 2003.

And being more jaundiced than Tycho takes skill.

Moe Lane

(H/T: Nodwick)

*That they jettisoned the Technocracy in the new Mage game is, of course, a sin and a crime.  Just thought that I’d get that on the record.

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  • Jay says:

    Interesting trailer. Looks like they decided to stop trying to explain their mystic origin and go back to the original formula: Kate Beckensale in black leather beating the ever-loving hell out of one and all. A good formula, at that.

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