#rsrh Fighting now in Tripoli?

That looks like the start of an endgame, there.  Looks like the easy part of the Fourth Barbary War* is going to be over soon for us.  Next part?  Figuring out which least-bad faction to prop up, of the seven or so that will sprout up and start fighting each other once Qaddafi’s decorating a balcony somewhere.

Hey, what’s the over-under on how soon we hear the phrase ‘nation-building’ from the White House?  – Not that I get all panicky over the phrase, being an unreconstructed neocon and all that, but watching the Activist Left either freak out, or decide that they were at war with Eastasia all along after all, should entertain.

Moe Lane

*There were the Two Barbary Wars; and then there was the bombing campaign in the 1980s, which probably should have gotten the monicker of the Third Barbary War, if only we lived in a more honest world.  However, we live in the world where you have to call the most terrifyingly effective instrument of power projection killing people and breaking stuff in all of human history “the Department of Defense,” so there you go.

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  • qixlqatl says:

    Well, if (when) Muammar gets the Musslini treatment, I don’t think there will be many people shedding tears for him….

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