#rsrh Elizabeth Warren, trying to be a tough guy.

There’s just something entertaining about watching an Ivy League intellectual like Elizabeth Warren try to act all tough and stuff:

The Harvard Law School professor and consumer protection adviser to President Obama told The Huffington Post in March 2010 that if a full consumer protection agency wasn’t possible, her second choice would be “no agency at all and plenty of blood and teeth left on the floor.”

Particularly since Warren’s nomination to head the new (and likely, useless) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ended up resembling the political equivalent of a subcompact car hitting a brick wall at 90 miles an hour.  I’d think about being sympathetic, except that the woman is gearing up to martyr herself again on behalf of a Democratic establishment that could care less about her; this time, Warren’s apparently going to volunteer to for the sacrificial victim role in Scott Brown’s re-election campaign.  I learned a long time ago that some people simply like to be degraded like this; it’s not my cup of tea, but if that’s what it takes for Warren, well…

Moe Lane

PS: I note for the record, of course, that if a Republican talked like this we’d never, ever hear the end of it.

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