Book of the Week: Murder Mysteries.

This  is perhaps a little… cheeky of me; but I’m in that kind of mood, honestly.  You see, I got told by a since-passed-the-sell-date-commenter that my little grit-in-the-Left’s-self-regard that was this post about Jane Yolen supposedly got the attention of Neil Gaiman himself*; so I think that it’s a perfect time to note that Murder Mysteries was a great graphic novel adaptation of Gaiman’s short story, which is of course one of the best stories about angels ever written. Then again, you know: Neil Gaiman.

And thus the circle closes.

In other words, Temporary Duty is signing off.

*Although I haven’t really confirmed that; you see, it’s apparently all on Facebook, and the only time I check that site these days is to find out whether they’ve fixed the lag for Dragon Age Legends.  Annnnnnnd…. no, they have not.  You’d think that they would; particularly since the problem seems mostly confined to Firefox users.


  • Murgatroyd says:

    Yer a hateful hating hater who is full of hate, Mr. Lane, and you prove it by being nice to your enemies. You fiend!

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Nah, Murgatroyd, just looking to support my gaming habit by trying to monetize the Online Left’s hate. Although I find Teh Drama of it all fairly interesting: and, indeed, fairly nostalgic. If this was 2004 I’d probably be vaguely sad about it all.

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