Michael Bay’s Ouija movie in doubt.

Yes, I’ll wait until you recover from the title.


Ready to go?  …What, no, take your time.


Oh, come on.  Now you’re just milking the moment.

Anyway… yeah, Universal Studios bought the movie rights to the Ouija board (don’t think about it too hard: trust me), they brought in Michael Bay to produce it, and then apparently the oxygen levels at the studio went back to normal and people started recovering from that wicked epidemic of anoxia that was going around.  Universal paid Hasbro the five million dollar penalty for dropping this turkey, which is alas not quite the same as saying ‘There will be no Ouija movie.’  The article points out that this might just be a rather elaborate negotiation ploy to lower the production costs.

Which, considering Michael Bay’s habits, would probably be considerable…

Via @RobinDLaws.

3 thoughts on “Michael Bay’s Ouija movie in doubt.”

  1. I don’t remember car chases and explosions being involved in Ouija, but, then, I’ve never played it at the professional level.

  2. Who is Michael Bay? (yeah, I know, google etc…. making a point before I go that route)

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