Steve Jobs retiring. Or switching career tracks. Or something.

No, I’m not jumping up and down in joy: it’s probably medical in nature.  Besides, he’s now chairman (Tim Cook is CEO), so it could also just be a reorganization.

But I still want Flash on the iPad2*, and the ability to use a variety of cameras in iMovie for the iPad2.  Frankly, the iPhone is virtually useless for guerrilla video.  And, while I’m on the subject of iPads: may I point out that the question “Can I get an USB hub for this thing?” should not result in a blank look and a scratching of the head?  – Well, I’m going to point it out anyway.

Moe Lane

*For those coming in late: yeah, I have an iPad2.  Paid-for largely by a pledge drive that was heavily dependent on my hate mail.

Oddly enough.

2 thoughts on “Steve Jobs retiring. Or switching career tracks. Or something.”

  1. The iPhone is a telephone. What the heck does it have to do with “guerrilla video” whatever the hell that is.

    Wanna do video? Go to Broadcast Supply Worldwide and buy a camera. Last catalog had at least 2 that fit in a shirt pocket and took HD video with 96/24 stereo audio.

    1. I have several perfectly good video cameras already: I just want iMovies for the iPad to not freak out at the thought of recognizing their formats. Getting that would allow me to cut my field blogging rig by about five pounds, which would be spiff.

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