#rsrh David Brooks defines ‘irony’ for us.

It goes like this.

  • Brooks presumes to give Mitt Romney advice on how to run a campaign.
  • By the way… Romney’s not my guy, but he – unlike Brooks – is an honest Republican, so let me give some helpful advice: do not trust David Brooks on anything.
  • Brooks’ passive-aggressive, deniable advice in part advises that Romney bring up the fact that twenty-three years ago Perry was a Democrat who ran Al Gore’s Texas campaign.
  • This despite the fact that Brooks – who, bizarrely, still defines himself as a conservative – three years ago went out and did everything that he could to get an urban Democratic elitist liberal elected President, short of a formal endorsement (‘perfectly creased pant’ probably doesn’t count).
  • You know what the difference is between Rick Perry & David Brooks is?
  • OK, OK, so there’s a list as long as my arm.  Do you know what the difference between Rick Perry & David Brooks that I was thinking of is?
  • Perry later admitted that he screwed up that particular judgement call.  Brooks has, to the best of my knowledge, never admitted that he acted like a callow, naive, and generally blithering idiot when it came to the 2008 Presidential election.

Hey, remember that advice that I gave Romney?  Now that I think of it… yeah, everybody should follow it.

Moe Lane

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