#rsrh WI progressive children’s-book fans behaving badly again.

This time, they have (allegedly, to be sure) filled a primary school’s locks with glue and metal in what will end up being a profoundly futile attempt to keep Governor Scott Walker from reading Oh, the Places You’ll Go! to a bunch of school children.  Also – in what will later be revealed to be related news – it turns out that the sweetheart last-minute pre-election deals that the old Madison city administration made with Big Labor will result in higher property taxes AND lowered services this year for Madison residents!  Including the elimination of the crossing guard program!  Hope those kids are good at broken-field running!

Anyway, I mention this to set up some snark, here:

  • On the one hand: between the glue/metal thing, and the Madison crossing guard thing, and of course the Milwaukee teachers’ union leadership trading two hundred teachers’ jobs for a couple more years of mandatory health care rake-back, crony capitalism thing, I have to say this about Wisconsin progressives.  That entire ‘It’s For The Children’ thing?  Yeah, you’re doing it wrong.
  • On the other hand: if Wisconsin progressives weren’t doing this then they might be doing things that might actually cause even more damage.
  • On the gripping hand: recent events have suggested to me that ‘profoundly futile’ might be more accurate than I originally thought.  I mean, it’s entirely possible that these people could screw up even a deliberate attempt to be screw-ups.

Heh.  That last one is kind of Zen.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “#rsrh WI progressive children’s-book fans behaving badly again.”

  1. Daily Kos baiting again? Hoping to get that MASSIVE spike in traffic that was going to let you know that you were, like, so absolutely pwned? 🙂

    1. The professional part of me actually wants to sit down with those people and try to work out what, precisely, they were trying to accomplish with that exercise. Obviously, they had a goal, but it probably wasn’t ‘increase three of Moe’s revenue streams slightly;’ there was a clear expectation that I would be discommoded somehow, which simply didn’t happen.

      Not much extra traffic, either.

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