TotD, #irene Edition.

Tweet of the Day,” obviously.

Where in Hades did Apple get designer sandbags for their NY store?

Yup, they had ’em.  I’ll avoid writing the first three snide things that popped in my head.

Via Ashley’s Blog.

Moe Lane

PS: This one from @NYMag is pretty funny, too – at least, the situation is.  Turns out that a tree no longer grows in Brooklyn:

The 75 foot-tall tree, which was located in the front garden of the 107-unit Mansion House at 145 Hicks Street, had been threatening to topple for years, and its root system had been causing persistent leaks in the building’s basements. But local love for the tree had convinced/forced the Mansion House’s board to rescind a 5-2 vote to tear it down in July 2007. Instead, the tree was braced with cables.

All of which apparently rather conveniently snapped last weekend, causing the tree to topple.  Not that I’m suggesting that the co-op board might have been out there during the storm with machetes and crowbars, just in case Mother Nature wasn’t up to the job. 

Perish the thought.


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