I somehow missed the Weird Al/Lady GaGa saga.

Background here and here and here. AFTER THE FOLD you will find the video… which is gloriously insane, as one would expect of a Weird Al parody of a Lady Gaga song.  But I don’t like causing SAN loss without a warning; hence, the after-the-fold.

Also, I need to pick up Alpocalypse at some point.  Maybe with some of that extra ad revenue from this month…


  • Rob Crawford says:

    I believe that Weird Al is a way to recover SAN, rather than losing it. Lady GaGa, however…

  • For a time Weird Al was complaining that “Gaga Inc.” made him pull his video from YouTube. Glad it’s back, some funny stuff!

  • Finrod says:

    There’s a story behind Al’s video. He had written the parody and was getting ready to make the video, when he contacted Lady Gaga’s people to get permission, like he usually does. Her people turned him down, so, disappointed, he put up what he had of it.
    Then Lady Gaga herself found out about it– turns out her people had turned down Al without telling her– and she LOVED it and gave him permission to release the song and do the video. The album, as it turns out, comes with a DVD that has music videos for every song on the album, save Perform This Way (the video wasn’t ready yet at the time of publication) and the polka medley (video is coming soon).

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