Ooh, Poul Anderson’s going up on the Kindle…

…which is good, because my paperbacks are starting to acidify. The first one up is “Call Me Joe,” which I remember first encountering in comic book form when I was a kid; as I remember, it actually was a pretty faithful adaptation of the original.  For those wondering: the story is much like Avatar to the point where James Cameron is lucky that Anderson is dead, and thus can neither sue nor Smite – only without the America/capitalism-bashing.  Which is to say, it’s like Avatar, only much superior and written much earlier.

I look forward to seeing the rest of Anderson’s stuff there: it’d also be nice if somebody started doing it for, say, Robert Bloch.  I have been meaning to track down his Strange Eons for a while now, and discovering that it’s not available electronically has been kind of frustrating.  I mean, I would cheerfully give his estate the money for a copy, if only a copy was available*… och, well, that’s why I have a Wish List. (Which has been updated.)

Via Instapundit.

Moe Lane

*Heh.  I almost wrote evailable.  We were this close to seeing a new word created in English…


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