You’re already dead to me, Lucas.

You can’t get deader, so stop trying.


Seriously, that’s just… sad.  I mean, sh*t, have him yell DO NOT WANT or something if you really do feel the need to do the cinematographic version of surgery addiction on your movies: at least that would have had some meta-relevance…


  • jefferson101 says:

    Hey. Like all liberals, Lucas has to alter history to suit the future.

    Any more questions?

  • BigGator5 says:

    Actually, this makes more sense than Vader just attacking the Emperor. I approve of the change.

  • Darin H says:

    Thankfully I picked up the Original Trilogy last year on DVD, (and looking at the price now, WOW I could make a 400% profit from selling it….) It contains the special editions, but threw in the original theatrical releases – which was what I bought it for.

    Seriously, ANH doesn’t even contain “A New Hope” in the title scroll!!

    *if* Lucas was smart, he’d keep rereleasing these BluRay with the Originals, and it would kill 95% of the “death to Lucas” that floats around the interwebz. Plus as the moneywhore that he is, it would increase sales.

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