#rsrh Hey, #p2! Stop me if you’ve heard this one already…

Q.  What do you call the White House abjectly caving on its plan to placate Green religious fanatics by inflicting restrictive, job-killing air pollution rules on the American economy?



What?   Not punchy enough?

Moe Lane

PS: Hey, it doesn’t have to be pretty; just as long as the President keeps doing as he’s told.

6 thoughts on “#rsrh Hey, #p2! Stop me if you’ve heard this one already…”

  1. Hey, I’ll give ’em a good start. Not that I expect continued movement in the right direction, but when they do anything right they should get compliments.


  2. Sorry, but I tend to agree with Robert Adams take on the environmental movement, which is they want to be “Choosers of the Slain.” In the end that is what their demands amount too. They want everyone living in stick houses doing subsistence farming while they Lord it Over us with every modern convenience and Electricity. Oh, and by their estimates the earth can only support about 2-3 Billion People so a lot of people are going to have to DIE FIRST. Hence, they wish to be the “Choosers of the Slain.” Naziism by any other name still smells as bad. Or as I like to put it, THE EPA MUST BE DESTROYED!

  3. Moe, anything that just gets suspended or postponed is no victory. It just means they want better control of the timing, like just after Nov 2012 elections.

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