#rsrh Elections Have Consequences Watch: California edition.

Via Instapundit comes this piece by Joel Kotkin narrating how the state of California is slowly but determinedly collapsing.  Indeed, the method that its political masters is using to effect said collapse is almost laudable, as it replicates every aspect of the traditional disaster scenario of California sinking into the sea, without actually having the earthquake.  It’s sort of like a neutron strike, in other words: it’s mostly affecting people and not the precious natural resources that a later, wiser* generation will be able to resume exploiting properly.

Oh, I’m sorry: am I not feeling their pain?  Guess what: take a look at the roster.

Office Partisan
Governor Democrat
Lt. Governor Democrat
State Senate 25D/15R
State Assembly 52D/28R
Senators 2D/0R
Congressmen 34D/19R

Let me be blunt: this is only my problem in as much as my tax money is used to bail out the combined and pervasive institutional idiocy of the California Democratic party.  And right now there’s an excellent chance that, starting in 2013, the country’s going to be run by people who are going to be as militantly indifferent to the travails of a state that routinely denies the existence of causality as I am.  I mean, I expect California to collapse utterly anyway.  The state might as well do it now.

Yes, this makes me an awful person.  Not really, though: truly awful would be playing a long game and siphoning off more electoral votes and more Congressional Districts off of the corpse of California for the next two or three decades.  Those EVs and CDs are mostly going towards states that are reliably voting for my party, after all.  But you know me.  I’m just a big softy at heart.

Moe Lane

*”Wiser” is a relative term, mind you.  Judging from the Californian government, “having a triple-digit IQ” would qualify.


  • BigGator5 says:

    When California does burn, I’ll be like: And Nothing Of Value Was Lost

  • Cameron says:

    I hope that my parents and my brother can evacuate before the crash.

  • Lee says:

    We’re trying frantically to get out of this hellhole. Before you say “Oh God, another bunch of liberals fleeing the state to bring their idiocy to the rest of us,” be aware that we are members of that tiny minority in California, Conservatives. We’re even members of the Tea Party. The problem is that selling a house in this place is virtually impossible. We want out of here, but we don’t know what to do. We sure as heck didn’t vote for Governor Moonbeam, or any of the other libs.

    You might have some sympathy for us, at least. We’ve fought this situation all along, but we are hopelessly out numbered. At least wish us luck. This place is horrible.

  • Phineas says:

    Hey, you’re forgetting some:

    Attorney General Kamala Harris: former SF DA and a hard Leftist. And a potential successor to Moonbeam.

    State Controller John Chiang, who’s played a leading role in our fiscal collapse by wildly overestimating the returns on the state’s investments.

    Treasurer Bill Lockyer… Well, God only knows what he’s doing. No one else does.

    All Democrats. And the Ds have controlled both houses of the legislature for, last time I counted, 38 of the last 40 years. And the governor’s office since 1998 (counting Arnie as mostly a Democrat).

    We’re so screwed.

  • jetty says:

    “truly awful would be playing a long game and siphoning off more electoral votes and more Congressional Districts off of the corpse of California for the next two or three decades”

    And worse still, the rest of us will most likely be paying through the nose to keep California afloat. Seriously, if our overlords in DC thought that a few banks and car companies were too big to fail, they are not about to let California go down.

    We are all Germans now.

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