Answer of the Day, Apropos Of Nothing edition.

Glenn Reynolds asks, tongue-in-cheekily, “Where’s Kevorkian when you need him?”

Answer: Dead and buried, thankfully.  Hopefully the morticians took the time beforehand to cut off his head, stuff the mouth with garlic, then hammer a hawthorn stake through Kevorkian’s chest cavity.  It all depends on whether they were part of a chain, or not: these modern fellows don’t really keep to the old ways.

Moe Lane

PS: No, I’m not upset about the invocation of Kevorkian generally: it was part of a pious wish to hasten the odious Righthaven’s removal from the annals of history.  We* may find it necessary and useful to treat corporations as legally equivalent to people, but that doesn’t extend to treating the deliberate destruction of one as murder.  No matter how gleeful the destruction is.

*As in, “Western society.”

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