I don’t BELIEVE this!

The stupid Kindle broke AGAIN!

I swear, every time I have to go to the hospital for my gallbladder…

Moe Lane

PS: Easy to replace, of course; and I have the Kindle software for my iPad 2. Still. There’s something about a Kindle that doesn’t love a gall bladder.

2 thoughts on “I don’t BELIEVE this!”

  1. #!/bin/env python

    from BadJokes import unmitigated_gall, kindle

    # I got nothing

    return None

    # get well soon!

  2. I’m in Iraq and I’m on my 5th one in 17 months. They don’t bend well. I also have to reboot it about every third or four times I use it. It seems like it gets poisoned by some books. After I delete them it seems to work fine. I keep a spare handy. It fits well in the cargo pocket of my 511’s.

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