#rsrh If you’re reading this…

…then that means that I am undergoing gall bladder surgery.  I foresee no complications, but you never know with general anesthesia.  If I fall, avenge me.

…No, I’m not sure against whom you would be avenging me.  Pick somebody bad, I guess.  Don’t waste it on a guy doing wire fraud, or anything like that. Seriously, I figure that I’ll just be on my butt for a week. Feel free to fund my e-book and PDF publishing habits during that time:

Moe Lane

PS: If I wake up five hundred years from now to a post-apocalypse world and have to have adventures because of it, I will of course be very cross at all of you for blowing it up.

PPS: …Scared? Moi? No, but certainly aware of the situation. I’ve never had surgery before, unless you count a particularly difficult wisdom tooth removal.


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