Flash for the iPad?

If this (via @BenHowe) takes off, we’re going to see more functionality in our Apple platforms:

Adobe yesterday announced the release of Flash Media Server 4.5 and Flash Access 3.0, updated tools to allow publishers to host streaming Flash video content.


Consequently, as media publishers begin to adopt the new Adobe software, they will be able to easily deliver HTML5-compatible content to mobile devices alongside the traditional Flash Player content. Because the feature utilizes video streaming technology rather than running the Flash content directly on the device, it does not yet support interactive Flash content such as games and banner ads, but the ability to access streaming Flash video on iOS devices will certainly be a welcome addition for many users.

I understand that people may not want the games/banner ads – and that there are issues with touchscreen-compatibility anyway – but having Flash-animated video on my iPad will be welcome.

Moe Lane

PS: Now give me more camera codecs, tanjit.

One thought on “Flash for the iPad?”

  1. Sort-of, Moe. If I read this correctly, it’s not really flash on the ipad at all – instead, it’s adobe’s server software that normally streams flash video being able to stream something else (it’s not clear, but probably html5) for IOS, that IOS actually supports. If that’s what it is it won’t really give you games at all, that’s completely different. But places that do embedded flash video will probably be able to stream to ipad more easily this way, so it’s not a bad thing.

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